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Download Youtube Subtitles is one of the fastest Youtube subtitle downloader application online. You can download subtitles of any Youtube video in .srt or .txt format in seconds. It's fast and easy to use. You can save youtube subtitles to your computer or to mobile phone (both iphone and android devices supported).
Try a Youtube url above and see how the captions will be exported. Furthermore, if you need Tiktok subtitles, you may use to download them easily.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles

Exporting subtitles from youtube is very easy with our tool
To download subtitles to your desktop pc:
  • Find the video that you want to save subtitles.
  • Copy the URL of the video from the addressbar of your browser.
  • Paste the URL above and click "Get Subtitles" button.
  • View and download the exported subtitles in your language from the result page.
Guide to download Youtube Subtitles to your desktop pc.
To download subtitles to your mobile device:
  • At Youtube application, while viewing the video, click on "Share" button just below the video content.
  • Choose "Copy link" button from the menu.
  • Paste the URL to the box at
  • On the result page, choose the language of the subtitle you need and download the subtitles.
Guide to save Youtube Subtitles to your mobile device.

How to Use Youtube Subtitles

You may read the transcript of a video instead of watching it. Generally reading is faster than watching a video. You may also search for a phrase through the subtitles for your research.
You can embed the downloaded .srt format subtitles to your favorite video players. So you may watch your favorite videos locally with subtitles enabled. You may also download the captions in your own language. Our application generates Youtube subtitles in more than 100 languages. Subtitles are generated very accurately in terms of timing of video.

Easiest way to get subtitles

The best trick to make the process superfast is to add our browser extension to your browser.
There will be a small button placed right below the video frame at Youtube. When clicked, it will take you directly to the download page with the list of all language options.
So, to reach the subtitle you need, just click on this extension button. That's it, get your subtitles from Youtube with just one click :)
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Subtitle Downloader Tool Features:

  • You can download the transcript of a youtube video in plain text format (.txt) or most common subtitle format (.srt)
  • There is no timing data in txt format. Just pure text of the speech which is easier to read.
  • More than hundred languages are available for Youtube subtitles! Choose any of them for your needs.
  • Timing of captions and subtitles are very accurately arranged.
  • Download subtitles of long Youtube videos.
  • No need to login to your Youtube account.
  • Unlimited usage for subtitle downloader tool.
  • It's easy, fast and secure to download!

Frequently Asked Questions

It's basically an online tool that lets you download the subtitles of a video from If you need the transcript from youtube, this web app is the right tool for you.

Copy the url of the video that you want to download the captions, then paste it to the box above. You will see many language options including auto generated subtitles by Choose the one you need to save!

Simply it's the plain text of what is said at the video. Transcripts are mostly for people who choose to read instead of watching the video in order to save time. You can download the transcript of a youtube video in text format (.txt)

Transcript is a plain and straightforward text that is spoken in a video. A subtitle is a form of a transcript which is in different language and divided into time-coded chunks. Subtitles are generally intended for viewers who cannot understand the spoken language in the video.

No, there is no limit using You can save as many youtube captions as you like. We'll be glad if you don't forget to share :)